There is something so special about professional family beach pictures on a beautiful beach! When a family books me to take their photographs the most often asked question I get is, “What should we wear for our family beach portraits?”  There are many great options on what to wear, the key is to plan ahead, and this process can be fun as you put your outfits together for picture day!


The most important thing is to keep it relaxed and comfortable, clean and simple.  You should keep outfits soft, warm and easy that way we can focus all of our time on your family and the connection you have with one another. In my opinion, the best clothing selection will be coordinated well and showcase the style your family is looking for in your beach portraits. Solid colors always photograph well, and there’s no risk of distracting from faces, joyful interactions or even the beautiful beach scenery.

The classic white look is timeless, and will make your overall pictures bright, crisp and clean. Jeans and khakis alike, look great for portraits to create a nice uniform feel to your images. Ladies and girls should wear soft, natural fabrics in cotton and linen that drape and flow, as they make for beautiful portraits. You can choose colors to pick up the beautiful colors of the ocean and sunset. Neutrals such as muted blues, soft pinks, cream, soft greens, pastels, and white all photograph extremely well, blending effortlessly with the natural elements rather than competing with them.

Colors that complement the surroundings, like turquoise, navy, aqua, seafood green, and sea glass always photograph well and work with all skin tones.  There is something classic and crisp about the family of blue colors.  Family beach photographs in navy and the complimenting hues and tones are always a winner. Using a bold accent color such as coral or pink will contrast nicely with the sea, and create a more contemporary portrait. An interesting combination  is to select one colorful patterned outfit for a single person in the family and then pull colors from that pattern to dress everyone else in solid colors to

coordinate. This color scheme works wonderfully and coordinates a family in a way that is not so similar to one another.  You will want to be comfortable enough so you can walk, run, sit, or possibly get a splash of water on you. As long as your comfortable and in the clothing you prefer, that is key, and you’ll end up with genuine smiles in your images! Plan on having your toes in the sand, and water, and yes the barefoot look best for beach portraits.

This is what to avoid, really detailed clothing, neon colors, logos and busy patterns as they take the focus away from your face, which is the most important focal point of the overall portraits.  I  hope all these great tips have helped, and you will find something your family feels beautiful, comfortable, and fabulous in!  You can now enjoy deciding what to wear for family beach portraits, and rest assured I’ll be taking the gorgeous beach portraits for your family!

Suggestions on where to shop: GapJ. Crew, Zara, Forever 21Old NavyTarget  Garnet Hill