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Simple  Straightforward  Sensational

I love photographing surprise proposals and engagement sessions. They are so sweet and sentimental. This is the start of something amazing between two people and it must be captured beautifully showing the joy, emotion and love. It’ll be a relaxed atmosphere letting the personalities and affection shine. Are you are planning a surprise proposal?  This is one of my specialties!  Let me make it simple for you, as I can organize it all, or we can collaborate to plan the perfect proposal you have envisioned. 

Engagement and Proposal Photography Packages

Surprise Proposals are shot “incognito”.  I’ll be unobtrusive with my telephoto lens capturing the moments as they unfold.  After popping the question and getting the YES!, we’ll begin the engagement session. The whole experience is amazing, and you’ll have gorgeous photographs to remember it all by and share with family and friends.