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Expecting a baby is such a special time in a family’s life, and it’s an honor to document this amazing blessing of “being with child”. I love the innate joy, beauty and significance of maternity photography, and capturing that lovely glow that all pregnant women possess. I know this is a precious and exciting time in your life and you may want to capture it with your family. You may decide for your maternity sessions to be photographed by yourself, with a significant other, and/or with your children.

Maternity Packages

Maternity sessions are best captured when you have a nice round belly but are still feeling well, which is usually between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy . If you are expecting twins or multiples, your session should be scheduled anywhere from 24-33 weeks, depending on your unique circumstances.  Of course, if your session is closer to your due date that is fine, as I can photograph maternity sessions up until your baby is born.